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  • The first Bottle Match is played betwee Camborne School of Mines and Royal School of Mines.


  • King Edward Mine is abandoned due to flooding.
  • Great Condurrow Mine is leased.


  • A world-wide appeal to the mining industry and local supporters is launched to raise funds to expand the facilities and purchase up-to-date equipment. By the time the appeal closes in 1937 it raised £20,000 instead of the initial target of £10,000.


  • The building adjacent to the Basset Memorial Building is Purchased, re-furbished and equipped, and named the Josiah Thomas Memorial Building.
  • Existing laboratories are re-equipped.
  • Students’ Club is re-furbished and re-fitted.


  • The Associateship of Camborne School of Mines (ACSM) is introduced.


  • The post war years see a dramatic expansion of the international minerals industry.
  • The widespread reputation of the CSM and its graduates becomes for firmly established and prospers.


  • Attempts to merge CSM with the University of Plymouth are aborted amid successful vigorous protest both internally and externally


  • Peter Hackett becomes Principal.


  • The Higher National Diploma (HND) is introduced.


  • The ACSM is accredited by the Council for National Academic Awards for the award of BSc (Honours).
  • Roger Parker joins CSM as Vice Principal on the retirement of Mr Frank Bice Michell.


  • CSM moves to the campus at Pool. Associated with a massive re-equipment grant.


  • BSc Minerals Processing course is introduced.


  • Mr Chester Beatty, Chairman of Selection Trust Ltd. officially opens the new CSM building.
  • The School’s Geothermal ‘Hot Dry Rock’ project, a final year student project becomes a flagship element of the Government’s renewable energy strategy.


  • Donald Andrews, the long-serving Registrar retires after nearly 50 years service.


  • Beringer House, the first hall of residence opens following a major appeal to industry for funding.


  • The ‘new’ club in place of the old club in Gustavus Road opens


  • First Graduation Ceremony held at CSM


  • MSc Mining Engineering established.
  • First ‘full academic dress’ graduation ceremony is held at CSM.
  • CSM Associates Ltd. is born. This is the commercial ‘arm’ of CSM, allowing staff to undertake consultancy work under a formal commercial umbrella.


  • MacWilliam House, the second hall of residence opens following a supplementary appeal to industry and past students.


  • Under the new Education Act, CSM transfers from the control of Cornwall County Council to that of the new Polytechnics and Colleges Funding Council (PCFC).


  • An appeal to industry raises a considerable sum to support CSM’s plans for building         re-structuring to accommodate the changing methods of teaching.
  • BEng Industrial Geology established.
  • The Alumni Association (CSM Association) is created.


  • Merger with University of Exeter received approval from the Secretary of State.


  • BEng Mineral Surveying & Environmental Management established.
  • HND Environmental Waste Management established.
  • Professoriate introduced at CSM, with chairs in Industrial Minerals, Applied Geology, Geomechanics and Mining Engineering.


  • Merger with University of Exeter complete.
  • CSM forms one of 26 schools of the university, within the Faculty of Engineering.
  • CSM Trust established to administer the capital assets of CSM.


  • RTZ and the Royal Academy of Engineering sponsor a Chair in Minerals Engineering and Richard Williams appointed.
  • Peter Hackett retires as Principal after 24 years.


  • Modularisation & Semesterisation introduced.


  • MSc Mining & Industrial Heritage established.
  • BEng Mine & Quarry Engineering established.
  • BEng Mineral Surveying & Resource Management with European Study established.
  • BSc Environmental Science & Technology established.
  • BSc Surveying & Earth Resources established.
  • BSc Surveying & Environmental Management established.


  • Last HND Diplomates graduate.
  • HND course replaced by Foundation Year.
  • BSc Applied Geology introduced.
  • MSc Applied Geotechnics introduced.
  • MSc Industrial Rocks & Minerals introduced.
  • MSc Surveying & Land/Environmental Management introduced.
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme launched by Victor Phillips
  • CSM Associates Ltd. sold to ABB Offshore Systems Ltd.
  • CSMA Minerals Ltd. sold to Wardell Armstrong.
  • The Trevithick Trust negotiated a sub-lease of part of KEM to set up a public mining museum.
  • University of Exeter, Falmouth College of Arts & University of Plymouth create the Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) to be based at the Tremough Campus, Penryn.

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