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Crazy Week 2008


CRAZY WEEK dates are set to be some time in late Jan/early Feb.

RAG weeks (Rase and Give) are common annual events in universities throughout the country. However here at CSM we do things a little differently. The even is known here as Crazy Week, and things are...well a little crazier!

The week is marked by many events aimed at raising money for various carities chosen by the Crazy Week comittee (a group of first year students selected by their peers). However this being CSM, ensures that these events are full of fun, exitement and maybe even a wee drop of drinking too.

The Dates for Crazy Week 2008 are yet to be confirmed but are predicted to be some time at the end of January. The selection for the Comittee will start as soon as the term starts after the Christmas break.

Message from this years chaiman:

The ball is rolling for crazy week now so we need to get organising what should be a crazy week to remember. If you don't already know Crazy Week is CSMs RAG (raise and give) event, a sustained effort over 7 days to raise money for some worthy causes, drink as much as possible, make an utter tit out of oneself and have a crazy amount of fun doing it. The dates have been set for the 21st -28th of April so keep your diaries clear. This year is going to be a good year... I can just feel it.

Séan Gin Courage Stanley - Chairman

The rest of the committee are:
Jonny Owen - Secretary
Andy "Shaven" Goodall - Treasurer
Doug, Ed, Jen - Rag Mag


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