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CSM Events

Camborne School of Mines Student Society works to provide a series of events for both the current students and graduated students.

Along side the Camborne School of Mines Student Society events FXU students' Union also puts on events for the student body.

CSM Events Summary

Freshers Week.

Freshers week is a series of events put on for the new students joining Camborne School of Mines. Events during the week normally include a trip to Truro meadery and L2 nightclub as well as the well known traditions night.

Presidents Night

Presidents night is when the members of Exeter University student population come down to have a night out with the students of Camborne School of Mines, the highlight of the night being the Drink-off between the President of CSM and the President of the Exeter Guild.

Christmas Ball

The christmas ball is when the students of Camborne School of Mines head out to enjoy a Christmas meal and celebrate not only christmas but the end of the first academic term.

Crazy Week

During crazy week first year students undertake fundraising activities such as street collection, evening entertainments and crazy stunts in order to raise money for local charities.

Bottle Match.

The second oldest varsity match in the world behind the Oxford & Cambridge boat match. Played between Camborne School of Mines and the Royal School of Mines based in London.

Barrel Match.

The Barrel match is played between the current students of Camborne School of Mines and the graduates of CSM that choose to come back and play. The Barrel Match normally preceeds the annual dinner.

Annual Dinner.

The Annual Dinner is Camborne School of Mines way of networking in industry, because the Old Boys network plays an important role in the careers of many CSM graduates the annual dinner allows students both past and present to make industry connections over dinner.

Colours Night.

Colours night is the awards ceremony for the sports teams of Camborne School of Mines. Also at colours night the new Student Society will be announced.

International Events.

Many CSM events occur elsewhere in the world. Follow them all here.

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